Jacobs Pride No Mistake I'm 4U
DOB 3/20/2014
                                                                   G6S Normal


                                        SSS:  SG.*B Jacobs Pride Rock Show

           SS: CH *B Jacobs Pride Ben Razzed  L/A 4-04 92 EEE

                                        SSD: SG. Jacobs Pride Razmataz 9*M 04-04 90 EEVE

SIRE: AZ Apache Valley Ben Hot For U

                                         SDS:Floral-Orchard Red Hot Poker

           SD: SGCH Jacobs Pride Red Hot Candy 10*M  L/A 7-04  92 E+EE

                                         SDD: SGCH. Jacobs Pride Pistachio Candy 9*M USDA-DHIR Elite Doe 99%


                                         DSS: *B Amberwood Settin' The Style

           DS: SGCH. +B Will O' The Wisp Red Rock 7-03 90 VEE 

                                         DSD: Will O' The Wisp Gilded Lily

DAM: SGCH. Jacobs Pride Scotch On Rocks 9*M  6-06 92 EEEE

                                         DDS: Kismet Legacy's Noble Klarion

           DD:  SGCH. Jacobs Pride Butterscot Pudd'n 8*M  5-02 92 EEEE  USDA/DHIR ELITE Doe
           2005 TOP TEN Breed Leader  2010 ADGA Natl. Show Res. GCH. - Res. Udder & Top Performer

                                         DDD: SGCH. Jacobs Pride Bernice 7*M  6-03  91 EEEE
                                         DHIR Life DIM 1736 m13230 f493 p/s 443

Mist was an interesting turn of events for us regarding his addition into our herd sire
           lineup. Mist was intended to be nominated to the 2014 spot light sale. I felt his structural
           integrity, general appearance and the strength of his genetics warranted a nomination. So
           I gave him the name; "No Mistake I'm 4U" for something fun to work with if his nomination
           was excepted.  However an untimely tragedy struck his dam, Misty, losing her to milk fever a
           few weeks after his birth. That became a game changer. I chose not to nominate him but
           rather retain my handsome young man to carry on these lines.
Mist continues to mature into and exquisite young buck that I believed he was on paper
           and saw at birth. Mist strongly resembles his Champion maternal brother, Max.
Mist's temperament is sweet! He's such an easy going buck even in strong
           rut. He relishes his cheeks, neck and chest rubbed. Its hard finding a spot that's
           relatively clean on a buck in rut who loves personal adoration and hands on loving.


      EXCELLENT In; Rear legs, Rump

1/2 years old in photo