Jacobs Pride Tootn Howard Huge
                                                        DOB 2/9/2013N1652747
                                                                 G6S Normal


                                         SSS:SG. +*B Wingwood Farm KR Tuscany ELITE SIRE
                      SS: *B Wingwood Farm TY Zapata
                                                SSD: SGCH. Wingwood Farm KR La Linda 3*M
  SIRE: *B Jacobs Pride Za Tootie Pop Kid 04-04 87 VV+

                                                SDD:SGCH. +B Will O The Wisp Red Rock  f/s 90VEE 
                                                                                                                                                                       INBA 97' Res. All American & 98' ALL AMERICAN
                       SD: SGCH. Jaocbs Pride Pop Rock Candy 10*M 92 EEEE
                                                SDD: SGCH. Jacobs Pride Pistachio Candy 9*M ELITE DOE - TOP TEN Breed Leader
                                               DSS: SG. +*B Kastdemur's DE Exhibitionist 5-01 90 EEV
                       DS: *B Jacob's Pride Showman
                                                DSD: SGCH. Jacob's Pride Rock Crystal 8*M  4-03 90 VEVE
 DAM: Jacobs Pride Cameron Doeiaz

                                                DDS: CH. *B Jacobs Pride Bernie Mac Show  3-01 91 EEV
                      DD:  SG.Jacobs Pride Anna Nicdoe 
                                                DDD: SG. Jacobs Pride Marlyn Mondoe 10*M  4-04 91 EEEE

Howie was born impressive and he hasn't disappointed me as he matured!
               Howie came by his name honestly. The fact he was a huge, stunning buckling that radiated
               style and stature at birth and that he never lost that edge in the months that followed when
               it came time to give him his official registered name. 
Howie hit the show strong as a yearling buck, earning a Res. GCH. as a yearling,
                facing off with a strong, formidable lineup of quality, mature bucks was exciting.
                My excitement continued, when as a two year old, he again shinned brightly, earning a
                GCH., Res. GCH and a BBIS!
Howie isn't just a pretty boy himself, he is passing on his stunning good looks, correct
                structure and beautiful Nubian breed character to his sons and daughters. Proving
                themselves as well in the show ring by earning championships.
Howie now has three daughters fresh in our herd. His daughters have
                beautiful mammaries! His first freshening daughter, Gold, earned two
                Res. GCH. as a yearling first freshener over impressive and highly competitive mature 
                competition! His FF daughter Carrot not only earned a junior leg but freshened into an
                outstanding FF yearling. Earning 1st place in a huge yearling milking class at our most
                competitive show of the year.
Howie's temperament is the best! His gentle, easy going personality can't be beat. He's
               easily one of my favorite gentlemen of all time. 


                                                    SHOW WINS
                                    1 GCH.
2 Res. GCH.1 BBIS

  EXCELLENT in; Rear legs, Back, Rump
  EXCELLENT in; Head, Rear legs, Back,

                                                                   2014 Yearling Res. GCH

                                                     2015 Memorial Show

   Offspring  Howie has 11 offspring with official BIS, GCH & Res.GCH since
                           his first offspring hit the ground in 2014!
                                    9 GCH10 Res.GCH1 BJDIS

   Jacobs Pride H.H. Blondski     Jacobs Pride HH Showbiz Gold    Jacobs Pride HH 24K Hottness  
              (Blondski)                                          (Gold)     
               1 Jr. GCH.                    1 Jr. GCH. 2 milking Res. GCH                     1 Jr. GCH

Jacobs Pride HH Rare Gold RubyJacobs Pride HH Buttercream      Jacobs Pride Maxie's Pearl
      2016 Pima County Fair                2017 Pima County Fair                      1 GCH. 1 Res. GCH.
                1 Res. GCH                                     1 GCH
Jacobs Pride Thee Huge Hope    Jacobs Pride HH Butter Brickle
1 GCH.1 BJDIS                                   1 GCH