CH. (pending) Jacobs Pride HH Showbiz Gold

                                                       DOB 02/21/2014N1676770
                                                                      G6S carrier

                                                     SHOW WINS
                                        3 GCH
2 Res.GCH1 BOB


                                                           SSS:*B Wingwood Farm TY Zapata
                    SS:*B Jacobs Pride Za Tootie Pop Kid
                                                           SSD:SGCH. Jaocbs Pride Pop Rock Candy 10*M 92 EEEE
SIRE:*B  Jacobs Pride Tootn Howard Huge 04-04 91 VEE
                                                           SDS:*B Jacob's Pride Showman
                    SD:Jacobs Pride Cameron Doeiaz
                                                           SDD:SG.Jacobs Pride Anna Nicdoe 

                                                           DSS: SG.*B Kastdemur's DE Exhibitionist  f/s 90 EEV
                    DS:*B Jacob's Pride Showman
                                                            DSD:SGCH Jacobs Pride Rock Crystal 8*M 90 EVEE
DAM: SG. Jacobs Pride Hollywood Showbiz 05-03 90 VEEE
                                                            DDS: SG.*B Jacobs Pride Rock Show 
                    DD:SGCH. Jacobs Pride Hollywood Star 7*M  5-06 91 EEEE
                                                           DDD: SG. Jacob's Pride Kimia 6*M

                  Gold easily earned a Jr. championship and her restricted leg and we were excited to see her
               freshen with an extraordinary udder to match her beautiful structure. Her mammary system was
               exciting enough to earn her 2 Res.GCH. milking legs in highly competitive competition as
               a first freshener!
We were quite honestly shocked when she earned not one, but
               2 Res. GCH as a FF yearling over highly competitive mature does! A yearling FF earning
               2 Res.GCH is rare to witness in Nubian competitive competition, no less it being our own doe!

2016 Gold had a complicated kidding. Those complicated births play havoc on lactations
              and milk production that translate into milk production and udder capacity. Effecting
              her milk production and the show ring. Ending Gold's 2016 show season that year.
        2017 Gold kidded with a single dead doeling. She milked adequately after that ordeal but   
             lacked capacity. Gold not milking to full capacity to compete in strong competition is futile.
             Once again Gold's show career in 2017 was put on pause. Her delay was disappointing
             knowing her
potential. However, we chose to stay the course, with our trust in God. He is good
             and in total control of everything.

2018 Gold freshened with big, strong, healthy twins and
moved on to become another
             Jacobs Pride permanent champion. To God be the glory restoring her back to us. 
Gold is a business minded lady. No time for hugs and snuggles just business at hand. She
             comes in quickly and quietly and leaves as quickly and quietly. Gold is corporative and an
             easy milker. She's productive, milks out completely and a dream to milk by hand or machine.


Linear Appraisal
2 188 1250   58   43  
k k k k k k k
k k k k k k k
 02-04    90     E     V     E     V
 EXCELLENT in: Head, Shoulder assembly,
 Rear legs, Back, Rump
 03-03   90
    E     V
 EXCELLENT in: Front legs, Rear legs, Back, Rump, Udder texture

2015 Pima County Fair
  2016 AZ State Fair

                                             2018 Pima County Fair

                                                               Jacobs Pride Zane's Gold Leaf