Jacobs Pride HH Showbiz Gold

                                                       DOB 02/21/2014N1676770
                                                                  G6S untested

                                                           SSS:*B Wingwood Farm TY Zapata
                    SS:*B Jacobs Pride Za Tootie Pop Kid
                                                           SSD:SGCH. Jaocbs Pride Pop Rock Candy 10*M 92 EEEE
SIRE: Jacobs Pride Tootn Howard Huge
                                                           SDS:*B Jacob's Pride Showman
                    SD:Jacobs Pride Cameron Doeiaz
                                                           SDD:SG.Jacobs Pride Anna Nicdoe 


                                                           DSS: SG.*B Kastdemur's DE Exhibitionist  f/s 90 EEV
                    DS:*B Jacob's Pride Showman
                                                            DSD:SGCH Jacobs Pride Rock Crystal 8*M 90 EVEE
DAM: Jacobs Pride Hollywood Showbiz
                                                            DDS: SG.*B Jacobs Pride Rock Show 
                    DD:SGCH. Jacobs Pride Hollywood Star 7*M  5-06 91 EEEE
                                                           DDD: SG. Jacob's Pride Kimia 6*M

                  Gold easily earned her Jr. GCH. leg. Gold has continued to mature into a strong, powerful
               doe. Gold is table top level among other desirable traits she has.
We were excited to see her as a FF, freshening with an extraordinary mammary system. A
               mammary system exciting enough to have earned her two Res.GCH. milking legs in highly
               competitive competition as a FF.
We were quite honestly shocked when she earned not one, but
               2 Res. GCH as a FF yearling. Any yearling FF earning 2 Res. GCH is rare to whiteness in
               Nubian competitive competition.

Gold is a business minded lady. No time for hugs and snuggles, but business at hand. She
              comes in quickly and quietly and leaves as quietly and quickly. She's corporative and easy to
Gold had a complicated kidding in 2016. Those complicated births play havoc on lactations
              and milk production and translating into udder capacity. In turn, that effected her production
              and capacity for not only DHIR but also the show ring. Bringing Gold's 2016 show season to a
Fast forward now to 2017. Gold kidded with a single dead doeling and half developed fetus.
             Gold is milking adequately after her ordeal. Although her udder is lovely, high and wide with a
             strong rear udder attachment, she lacks capacity. Without milking at her full capacity, it's tough
             to compete and I just can't justify taking her out on the summer show circuit at this time.
            I admit I was disappointed over the events that have played out with our dear Gold, but I
             know and I trust God that He is always in control and our herd no less, is in His control.
             I choose to except what may have disappointing to me. It is not without reason or beyond His
             control. Not only do I embrace His blessings and the excitement that comes with it, I choose to
             embrace the disappointments as well, knowing His Will be done.
             "What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?"    


                                                          SHOW WINS
                                                   1 GCH
2 Res.GCH

Linear Appraisal
2 188 1250   58   43  
k k k k k k k
k k k k k k k
 02-04    90     E     V     E     V
 EXCELLENT in: Head, Shoulder assembly,
 Rear legs, Back, Rump
 03-03   90
    E     V
 EXCELLENT in: Front legs, Rear legs, Back, Rump, Udder texture

2015 Pima County Fair
  2016 AZ State Fair