Jacobs Pride Finest Pecan Ever

                                                      DOB 3/30/2015
                                                                   G6S Normal


                                                                                  SSS: *B J&R Spirit's Dakota Maxim 04-04 90 VEE
                                                       SS:  CH. Jacobs Pride Scottish Maxim
                                                                                  SSD:  SGCH. Jacobs Pride Za Scottish Mist 10*m
                       SIRE: Jacobs Pride Maxim Butterpecan
                                                                                  SDS: *B J&R Spirit's Dakota Maxim 04-04 90 VEE
SD: CH. Jacobs Pride Maxine Buttermaid
                                                                                  SDD: SG. Butterfly Kiss 4U 1*M
                                                            DSS:CH *B Jacobs Pride Ben Razzed  L/A 4-04 92 EEE
DS: AZ Apache Valley Ben Hot For U
                                                                                DSD: SGCH Jacobs Pride Red Hot Candy 10*M  L/A 7-04  92 E+EE
DAM: Ch. Jacobs Pride Hotsy Totsy 4Ever
                                                                           DDS: CH.+B Jacobs Pride Hot Starsation
DD: Jacobs Pride Mistys Hotsation
                                                                                DDD: SGCH. Jacobs Pride Za Scottish Mist 10*m
Fin is well bred and he was pretty hot looking at birth. We brought him on board to work
              as one of our herd sires. Now only time will prove things out. With any of our young bucks,
              it's such a wait and see game. I liken bucks to artists, it's common that they don't become
              famous until after they've passed on. Simply because most herds are small and kids out of
             our bucks are limited due to small kid crops. It takes time for them to grow up, freshen out
             and prove themselves.

          Excellent in; Rear legs, Rump

                                                               2015 March 31th,  Baby Fin
                                                        I found I had to break my own advise;
                                              "Don't use a random backyard picture".
                                               However, so much for my own advise. So
                                               if no one is available to hold your darling,
                                                               "go with the flow."