Jacobs Pride H.H. Blondski

                                                       DOB 02/17/2014N1676769
                                                                   G6S Normal

                                                           SSS:*B Wingwood Farm TY Zapata
                    SS:*B Jacobs Pride Tootie Pop Kid
                                                           SSD:SGCH. Jaocbs Pride Pop Rock Candy 10*M 92 EEEE
SIRE: Jacobs Pride Tootn Howard Huge
                                                           SDS:*B Jacob's Pride Showman
                    SD:Jacobs Pride Cameron Doeiaz
                                                           SDD:SG.Jacobs Pride Anna Nicdoe 


                                                           DSS: SG. +*B Kastdemur's DE Exhibitionist 5-01 90 EEV
                    DS:*B Jacob's Pride Showman
                                                            DSD: SGCH. Jacob's Pride Rock Crystal 8*M  4-03 90 VEVE
DAM: GCH Jacobs Pride Darski Shwman 1*M
                                                            DDS:  CH. * B Jacobs Pride Hot Starsation  4-04 91 EEV
                    DD:SG.Jacobs Pride El Hot Dar Mar
                                                           DDD: SGCH. Jacobs Pride Rockelle 8*M  7-07 92 EEEE

                  Blondski was one of our hopeful yearlings, sired by our Jacobs Pride Tootn Howard Huge
                (aka; Howie). Her personality and temperament is as sweet as they come! Sadly early on in
                Blondski's 2016 second lactation she developed a damaging mastitis. It damaged her mammary
                with sever scar tissue effecting her production, udder appraisal and far beyond any showability.  

Blondski however is a dairy doe and had everything going for her to be highly productive.
                She has thin, dairy skin, wide, flat ribbing and lovely length of bone. She displayed such a
                strength in milk production as a FF. So I was expectant for Blondski as a 2nd freshener.
                However in 2016 she was hit with mastitis early on in her second lactation. Then
In 2017 Blondski aborted, ending my chance to work on any mammary repair.
In 2018 Blondski freshened with a single kid. A stunning, creamello buckling. Sadly, 
                Blondski's mammary indeed is blown and will never see the show ring again


Linear Appraisal
k k k k k k k
k k k k k k k
 02-04     85      +     E     E     +
             Excellent in; Head, Back

2015 Pima County Fair